Exploring your presence through sculpture

How much time do we take to think about the first impression we make on others in that flash of a second? That moment when we first meet someone. What silent stories do you tell?  What are they seeing as they look at you? Do you have a family face that has been worn through the generations of your family?

One day, while working on a commission, I noticed that the person being sculpting was openly reflecting on their impression of themselves. They were making comparisons with the clay image I was creating. It developed into the most magical conversation about what we really see in others. And, what we think others see in us.

So a new form of coaching has emerged. Coaching through Sculpting. It is for those who are curious to explore their impact on others by co-creating a 4-D sculpture of their face with a coach.  Or 4DLifeForm™. The results will inform you on how others may perceive you and give you new insights on your personal presence.

I know that there are four (possibly more) very important elements to this magic.

  1.  The place where the coaching takes place needs to be private, safe and comfortable
  2.  The professional code of conduct for all coaches is followed. The international Coach Federation is one such organisation that I follow in all my coaching work. https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics/
  3. That the session holds the space equally with lightness for creative thinking as it honours the importance of reflection
  4. The client has complete control over the depth of their thinking while working in a coaching agreement.

There is now a working formula to this process which is as follows:

STAGE 1. An initial phone conversation of 15 minutes.

STAGE 2. An agreement to have a coaching session (typically a half-day) including agreeing the date, times and place. Payment is made before the coaching session can be confirmed.

STAGE 3. The half day session.

STAGE 4. A decision to keep the final sculpture or to have it made in to a more permanent piece. Some people are just happy to have the coaching experience others have had their portraits molded in fiberglass, resin or even bronze. The cost is additional in this instance and will vary accordingly.

If you would like to know more, simply send in a message via the Contact Us page