Family face

In my work as a trainer, facilitator and coach, I have delivered courses in presence, negotiation skills and communication skills to a wide range of organisations for many years.

In one exercise, I invite people to think about their impact on others in a first meeting. What impression do they imagine they are giving when they introduce themselves to somebody?

One of my questions in this process is to ask them if they have a “family face”. I explain that a family face is an expression a person will have when they are completely relaxed, thinking and sitting on their own. Much laughter often follows this question.

But what follows is fascinating. As people reflect on this, they start to talk about their “family face” and when it has had an impact on a conversation, a situation or a negotiation.

It is worth reflecting on what your “family face” looks like.


P.S. It does not work if you attempt to check for your “family face” in front of the mirror! It is better to ask someone else … you trust.



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